Adolescence Psychotherapy


Adolescence is the dawn of identity development, during which time teenagers are uniquely susceptible to outside influences and often look to models to absorb and imitate.

And nowadays, exposed to the INTERNET, social media, celebrity worship; in short, information overload, there is no shortage of models and many of them destructive. Such as those who explicitly oppose conventional moral structures.

You only have to look at tabloid journalism to get a glimpse of how vices are glamorised. What is traditionally prohibited and criticised as immoral now gains esteem on the public front, and it cannot be underestimated what impact this could have on a teenager, and for many, in particular those who have not gained recognition through the conventional channels such as academics or sports, these models of outlawry can be especially appealing.

Of course, this is merely touching on a general surface, for each individual has his or her own particular set of circumstances and temperament, but at the core of all teenagers, this is the phase where they enter the search for identity and, at the base of it, the meaning to support it.

In our experience of working with teenagers, however unique the circumstances, this is what it essentially boils down to: their first confrontation with the big questions of who and why I am.

And through psychotherapy, a safe space is provided for the exploration of these questions, and to help the individual understand and reconcile the contradictions of a very bewildering world and make a gradual move towards wholeness and well-being.

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